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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

Cycle path needed beside A38 between Bodmin & Plymouth

Cyclepath along slip road and extend length of dual carriageway

Cyclepath needed beside A39 dual carriageway

Cycle path next to A39 needed

Signs needed from town to start of Camel Way

Add cycle route through Dobwalls

Cycle lane should NOT be provided on A38. Cycles need to be segregated from 70mph+ traffic. A much safer route exists through Dobwalls.

Excellent route and surface along the Camel Trail

Cycleway needed along the A38

Improved cycleway route into Cornwall

Better signage needed in town of Padstow to find end of Camel Trail

Better signage needed from Bodmin onto the Camel Trail

Cycle path needed along A389 (or nearby alternative)

Stop vehicles parking on cycle path

Improve Camel Trail through Wadebridge

Improve signage through Wadebridge for Camel Trail

This road from Rosudgeon to Helston is very busy. With, at times, a high volume of traffic, usually quite fast. For instance I would cycle to work at Porthleven, near Helston, but feel that the road is too dangerous. Some form of separate s ... [more]

This is a shared pedestrian/cycle path. It needs resurfacing as it’s uneven and full of stones.

It doesn't feel safe to leave a bicycle here, and the only lockers are for long-term hire. Secure covered cycle racks need to be installed here, preferably with some kind of surveillance.

Reduce speed limit to 30mph to make cycling Dracaena Ave safer

Can we have cycle racks by the bank please?

End of shared-use footway on Newham Road, Truro - it's not at all obvious that NCN route 3 forks right here.

Speed limit needs to be reduced and pathway/cycleway added as people walk and cycle on the narrow road with fast traffic on.

The cycleway should be extended to allow cyclists to transit this road and turn off to Gweek safely. At the moment the cycle way ends at the entrance to the base.

Fast moving traffic makes this dangerous for cyclists. A cycleway is needed.

Road needs a cycle path. Busy road, used by many cyclists, new 40mph zone is an improvement.

Clean the cycle path you’ve already built! A work experience boy with a broom and 1/2 a day could fix this!

Clean the cycle path you’ve already built! A work experience boy with a broom and 1/2 a day could fix this!

Boscawen Street has lots of popular shops and banks and needs cycle parking.

Continue the cycle path to the next junction (use the bottom of the field to the road)

Needs to be changed from bus only to allow cyclists to continue into town.

One way flow of traffic to allow cycle way and additional pedestrian distancing

Traffic is getting busy and tjeret is no cyclepath

Add cycle parking to Back Quay/Lemon Quay area. There are lots amenities here where people gather - Inc numerous benches, Hall for Cornwall and the bus station. There are several car parks that have direct access to the Piazza, but there's ... [more]

There is a serious lack of cycle parking at this end of town. Victoria Square has seating so please add some cycle parking bars. It's also very near Clive Mitchel Cycles.

The shared path is too busy with pedestrians to make it safe for cyclists as well. Cyclists are forced to use the bus lane. Mark the bus lane so that cyclists can use it safely.

Reducing the speed limit along this road and part of Sustrans route 3 would make this road safer and reduce pollution on this common route for children going to school, the park, or the library.

At least Reducing speeds on this little lane would further encourage cycling in the area for all ages. Shutting it to traffic would be a strong commitment to safe environmentally friendly transport links

There's no space for cyclists on the road and cars to pass cyclists safely

Provide a link back to Bolventor so a circuit is created.

Lower curb for bikes to turn off to access cycle way

The cycle path ends at a random point forcing non confident cyclists onto a busy main road, with heavy traffic.

Cycle lane needed from here to Treliske

Cycle lane needed from here to Treliske

Progress the long planned cycleway between Liskeard and Looe. This would be a major boost to local tourism as well as the normal benefits of cycling. It has been on the local plan for decades but never progressed beyond the planning stage.

There needs to be direct access to the station car park by the Black Bridge steps to link to Coosebean and Treliske hospital. There should also be secure covered cycle parking at the station.

Traffic island to facilitate crossing the road.

Stop car parking right on corner. Vehicles coming up hill from the Memorial Hall towards the Church often have to be on the wrong side of the road on the corner.

Need cycle lanes for safety

Create cycle lanes with wands/cones along both sides of wide road and provide traffic caming planters to narrow road and make speeds lower and easier to cross to avoid oncoming pedestrians without stepping in road

Remove chicane barrier and replace with 1.6m spaced bollards. not accesible for disabled cycles or cargo bikes

Get Morrisons to provide level straight access path in/out of car park for peds and cyclists so dont have to conflict or cyclists dismount

Add cycle rail to steps so can access route SW to NE Briarwood to Buller Pk/Liskerret avoiding roundabouts

Add cycle track between Caunter and Poldhu Rd

Add cycle track to Lake Lane from Jago Close

Add pavement and widen cycle lane adding wands and orcas to segregate from traffic. reduce speed limit to 30mph.

Need to permit contraflow cycling

Very wide street accessing school and council office. Many vehicles travel at excess speed as sightlines good and no speed enforcement. Need cycle lanes both sides and better crossing facilities at police station.

Wide street with excessive speed vehicles. need cycle lanes to get to and from supermarket

Clearer pedestrians and cycle lane needed.

Most direct route between Falmouth and Penryn but too dangerous for cyclists. Overtaking lane towards Falmouth not needed - can space be better used to accommodate safe cycle lane each way.

Room for cycleway if path widened

Cycleway where possible

No cycle path and narrow pavement - a widened pavement with shared use would encourage non vehicular movement cross town

This is being made. Which is great

Totally inadequate for Cyclists, runners and Walkers

Bickland water rd has multiple pinch-points for cyclists at pedestrian crossings. Crossings should be remodelled to with lanes for cyclists going up hill and islands for pedestrians

The Treliever - Treluswell section of A39 could accommodate cycle lanes (speed limit adjusted to 40mph concurrent with the Penryn bypass?). Joined up infrastructure along A39 provides link between Falmouth/Penryn and Devoran/Bissoe/Ponsano ... [more]

Cycling between Trispen & Truro is dangerous, road traffic speeds need to be managed and safe cycling routes promoted

Drop A39 down to 1 lane in each direction, use 3rd lane for segegated walking/cycling route. Flattest route between Penryn college/Kernick road shops/Tremough campus and Falmouth

Cycle lane ends abruptly as road narrows and cars are turning into and out of church hill - need to add segregated route

Cycleway should have priority over road here. Since a new housing development was built here, it has been made more difficult to join the cycleway with a sharp turn needed + potential conflict with traffic exiting road.

The road is wide enough along Commercial Road to have a proper segregated cycle path - there is a major problem with vans/trucks parking in the cycle lane along here, forcing bikes into fast traffic.

This road is dangerous even for cars - and people often try to walk and cycle up here which is very risky. A one-way system could fix this, e.g. making use of truro hill and round ring, together with a new segregated cycle path and/or pavem ... [more]

Add segregated cycle route along A39/Dracaena Ave

Reduce speed limit from 40mph

Reduce speed limit from 40mph

Roundabouts between sainsburys and lidl are dangerous for cyclists - if approaching from Falmouth going towards Penryn, have to ride in the right hand lane of a 40mph dual carridge way if want to go straight on. Improve infrastructure and l ... [more]

Cycle way crossing entrance to Lidl car park should be made priority for cyclists and pedestrians - currently very difficult to safely cross

Improve cycle/walking infrastructure to allow people to travel actively all along Dracaena Ave/A39 to B3292 in Penryn (good for students) - existing infrastructure poor or actively dangerous

Stop homeowner parking on the cycle patha

Shared path for walkers/cyclist too narrow. Well used by walkers but cyclists avoid because of walkers.

A dedicated two way cycle path along the A38 between the junction with the B3252 (road towards Looe) and Liskeard would allow cyclists to stay off the very busy dual carriageway and avoid having to cross the dangerous junction at the A38/B3 ... [more]

Designated cycle lane/route adjacent A38 from Plymouth to Bodmin

A374 is an incredibly dangerous, with fast moving traffic. Linking communities with non powered access could provide health and environmental benefits.

Cycle route between Landrake and Tideford, would enhance community cohesion. If Saltash and Landrake were linked, travel between Saltash and St Germans could be possible.

Improvements to this bridal way could join up parts of saltash on a mainly traffic free route, which is hugely rare in south east Cornwall.

This could be a place to link Saltash Trematon and Hatt. Especially with the development of Broadmoor Farm. Linking communities will provide multiple benefits for this area of south east Cornwall.

Saltash and it closest neigbour Carkeel village are cut off by a lack of any footpath or safe cycleway. Connecting these communities by foot would increase the opportunities for the people of carkeel to travel by foot to saltash and the nea ... [more]

Saltash and Landrake are close neighbours but are separated by the A38. No safe foot or cycle passage are available. Providing a non motorised path between the two communities would enhance links between the two parishes.

Saltash is effectively cut off from it surrounding villages by the A38 which means that the preffered form of travel is by car. Improving this short section to connect saltash and Trematon via a quick and safe route would be a great start. ... [more]

The tow path next to the canal in Bude is quite narrow in places. If it were widened it could be a multiuse trail that would provide a near totally off road 5 mile circular route for everyone to use.

Tarmac the existing unmade road. Can then use to cycle to from perranwell thereby avoivding the very narrow and dangerous main road. Safer route to go falmouth to truro

Large hashed area in middle of road. Remove. Put roads into middle. Cycle lanes can then be on either side. Just need to change the line markings

Existing road has large hashed off area in middle of the lanes. Need to remove this put roads into the middle. This would then allow cycle lane either side. Just need to change the existing markings.

Kerb needs removing so can use the existing cycle route.

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